We need your help to prevent future wolf tragedies

Idaho has been a bad place to be a wolf for a long time, but the past year has been especially horrific.

Defenders has learned that 570 wolves were shot, poisoned or trapped in Idaho during a one-year period. At least 35 of them were pups, some only weeks old.

Many of these animals died in the most horrific ways. Some of the wolves shattered their teeth trying to bite their way out of traps. Others froze to death, trapped and unable to escape. Some were even gunned down in ‘aerial control actions.’

And what’s happening in Idaho could happen elsewhere if wolves become nationally delisted from the Endangered Species Act.

Your emergency donation will help fight to save wolves and other imperiled animals. The need has never been so urgent - please donate today!

Gray Wolf Family (c) John Pitcher/iStock

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