Stop Big Oil’s invasion of the Arctic Refuge!

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to one of the most imperiled polar bear populations in the world. But the Bureau of Land Management is rushing approvals for seismic testing to find oil and gas on the Refuge’s coastal plain, threatening the habitat these bears need to survive. 

90,000-pound “thumper trucks” used for seismic exploration will send shockwaves through the landscape that can cause mother bears to abandon dens, which is harmful to the mother bear and fatal to her cubs. These massive trucks and other support vehicles could also roll over polar bear dens and crush hibernating polar bears and their cubs to death.

Seismic exploration will also assault this habitat with airplanes, airstrips, fuel stations, camps with up to 180 workers. – and noise and pollution that threaten these bears’ ability to hunt, travel, rest, hibernate and raise cubs.

The Arctic Refuge – once a serene polar landscape – would be scarred forever by industrial exploitation.

In honor of Polar Bear Week, help us fight back against this deadly threat to polar bears!

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