Protect Arctic wildlife from Big Oil’s industrial invasion

In the final weeks of the Trump administration, the Interior Department is rushing to sell off our natural resources as fast as possible - and they’re putting America’s imperiled polar bears in grave danger.

The Interior Department just announced they’re calling for oil companies to buy up drilling rights on up to 1.5 million acres of the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in habitat that imperiled polar bears need to survive. 

The Southern Beaufort Sea populations of polar bears depend on the security of the habitat provided by the Arctic Refuge, but only an estimated 900 bears in this population survive – less than half as many bears as just twenty years ago.

The danger is clear: Big Oil’s invasion of the Arctic Refuge could deal a lethal blow to these bears that are already struggling to survive!

Help stop the Trump administration’s greedy sale of critical Arctic habitat. Make your emergency gift to protect polar bears, caribou and other wildlife!

Gray Wolf, Joan Poor

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